Executive Board

Claus-Matthias Böge, Hamburg, Executive Board Spokesman

  1. Douglas Holding AG, Hagen (since 23 March 2011)
  2. Palladium Praha s.r.o. (until 30 March 2011)

Olaf Borkers, Hamburg

The remuneration of the Executive Board totalled € 1,066 thousand (previous year: € 1,154 thousand), which includes performance-related compensation in the amount of € 523 thousand (previous year: € 611 thousand).

€ 96 thousand (previous year: € 85 thousand) was allocated to the provision for the Executive Board’s long-term incentive plan (LTI). Accrued interest was € 5 thousand.

For further details, please see the supplementary disclosures on remuneration in the management report.

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