Tax reconciliation

Income taxes in the amount of € 34,978 thousand in the year under review are derived as follows from an expected income tax expense that would have resulted from the application of the parent company’s statutory income tax rate to the profit before tax. This was calculated using a corporation tax rate of 15% plus the 5.5% solidarity surcharge and a trade tax rate of 16.45%.

in € thousand 2011 2010
Consolidated profit before income tax 128,374 96,998
Theoretical income tax 32.275 % -41,433 -31,306
Tax rate differences for foreign Group companies 2,161 1,759
Tax rate differences for domestic Group companies 972 -591
Tax-free income/non-deductible expenses 3,126 2,223
Aperiodic tax income 196 0
Aperiodic tax expense 0 -76,896
Current income tax -34,978 -104,811

In financial year 2011, the effective income tax rate was 27.25%.

The previous year’s figures were restated, as the figures for the 2010 tax reconciliation had to be recalculated by retroactive booking of trade tax.

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