Directors’ Dealings

The following securities transactions by members of the Executive Board and of the Supervisory Board or by certain persons related to members of the executive bodies were notified to Deutsche EuroShop during financial year 2011 in accordance with section 15a of the Wertpapierhandelsgesetz (WpHG – German Securities Trading Act):

(number of shares)
Share price in € Sales
(number of shares)
Share price in €
Henry Böge Shares 288 23.00    
Carlotta Böge Shares 588 23.00    
Thomas Armbrust Shares 4,375 22.51    
Kreke Immobilien KG Shares     31,250 28.57
Olaf Borkers Shares     1,700 27.30
Manfred Zaß Shares     1,600 28.99
AROSA Vermögensverwaltungs m.b.H. Shares     845,899 27.00
Total   5,251   880,449  

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