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Large vinyl banner on Main-Taunus-Zentrum

Our giant poster was mounted on the exterior of the car park just in time for the grand opening of the north extension of the MTZ. With its oversized dimensions of 14 x 9 metres, this poster is clearly visible to the passengers of thousands of cars that pass by every day. It can even be read from the nearby A66 motorway. The play on words in the German text “Main Taunus, Mein Zentrum, Meine Aktie” (which translates to Main Taunus, My Center, My Share) establishes a humorous association between the shopping center and shares of Deutsche EuroShop. Resonance has extremely positive and a well-known national daily newspaper from Frankfurt even published a report with a photo about this unconventional way of advertising shares in the company.

Redesigned website

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We relaunched our website in early March 2011. The new Internet site relies greatly on interactive content. It also focuses heavily on dialogue, offering ways of contacting us through various social media channels.

The website is maintained entirely by Deutsche EuroShop’s communications team, which keeps it constantly up to date. Over 300 modern, clearly-designed pages containing information on all aspects of the company are available to online visitors in German and English.

Investor Relations remains a key section. Deutsche EuroShop is one of the first companies in Germany to offer a blog, which we have named “IR Mall” ( The plan is for it to become the central information and discussion platform for the IR section.

The “Shopping Centers” section contains detailed information about our shopping centers, which can be accessed using an interactive map. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, FlickR, SlideShare and YouTube have now also been integrated in the social media newsroom.

Our website can be found at

Media attention declining yet “more valuable”

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After increasing continuously during the three previous years, media attention has declined 30% over the past year. The print circulation of the reporting media decreased from its previous peak in 2010 of 31.5 million to 22.1 million in 2011. The equivalent advertising value through reports in newspapers and magazines, however, rose from nearly € 3.8 million to about € 4.2 million (+11%). In addition, diverse television channels, radio stations and online publications all devoted reports and interviews to Deutsche EuroShop.

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