Real Estate Summer

The second Deutsche EuroShop Real Estate Summer took place on 15-16 September 2011, after an inaugural event was held in summer 2009. The aim is to give our investors and analysts an in-depth insight into the Deutsche EuroShop portfolio. The 2009 Deutsche EuroShop Real Estate Summer in Dresden not only included a visit to the Altmarkt-Galerie and the expansion that was then in progress, but also featured various presentations. The attendees at last year’s event on 15 September in Wolfsburg – around 15 private shareholders from the region – came to to the City- Galerie center, where CFO Olaf Borkers kicked off proceedings. They then had the opportunity to put their questions directly to the Executive Board, which they seized with open arms.

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The following day, the financial analysts that currently cover our stock and institutional investors were invited to visit our shopping centers in Wolfsburg, Magdeburg and Wildau (Berlin) and attend topical presentations. Executive Board Spokesman Claus-Matthias Böge began by describing the latest issues to the more than 25 participants, focusing in particular on the acquisition of the Allee-Center in Magdeburg, which had just recently been announced. This was followed by a presentation by Olaf Borkers on the Group’s current financing structure.

After a tour of the City-Galerie, the participants moved on to Magdeburg in glorious weather for another guided visit of the shopping center by its management team. Wildau, near Berlin, was the final stop on the programme. Following a talk on the subject of “Trends in the retail industry” by Klaus Striebich, Managing Director Leasing, ECE, there was a final visit to the A10 Center, featuring the “Triangle” opened in spring 2011.

We plan to host further similar events in future, to enable analysts and investors to gain an insight into the unique quality of our properties and locations. We also want to continue to involve private investors.

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