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The One Hundred: An A-to-Z Guide

to the 100 Items Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia

Do you have items of clothing that always make you look good? Or just bad buys? Fashion writer Nina Garcia presents in engaging, light-hearted fashion her top 100 classic garments that every woman needs and how to develop your individual style. This list – which can be seen as a buying guide or reference work – acts as a barometer of stylish items that defy time and trends.

Publisher: Collins, 304 pages, English
ISBN: 978-0061664632,
price: approx €18.99

Late Night Shopping

by Carmen Reid

Fashion is Annie’s great passion and her dream is to have her own shoe shop! But there are three problems: firstly, Annie is not that good with her finances, secondly, she owes more than GBP 10,000 in taxes, and thirdly, her wonderful boyfriend thinks everything is fine...

Publisher: Corgi, 400 pages, English,
ISBN: 978-0552154833,
price: approx. €8.99

Weißbuch Innenstadt – Starke Zentren für unsere Städte und Gemeinden

by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development

Inner cities have historically been locations for commerce. A varied range of shops tends to create lively city centres and high streets. However, current trends, such as the structural shift in retailing, the crisis in department stores and the increasing loss of owner-run shops, are threatening the attractiveness and diversity of our city centres. One of the greatest challenges in urban planning is to incorporate inner-city shopping centers into the architectural and spatial city environment. One approach to strengthening city centres as places of commerce could, for instance, be to adjust the land use policy for municipalities. Regional retail policies are also needed, as are innovative concepts for changes of use or incorporating large vacant buildings into the urban structure.

German Federal Ministry of Transport,
Building and Urban Development, 274 pages, German,
download for free (PDF, 12.9 MB)

Gross Misconduct: My Year of Excess in the City

by Venetia Thompson

Venetia began working as a broker in the Square Mile at the age of just 23. Overwhelmed by the power and fast pace, she threw herself into an aggressive, male-dominated world in which greed, luxury, sex and alcohol reigned supreme. That proved fun for a while but quickly gave way to self-doubt. Venetia has written a brutally frank article on London’s financial scene that shook the industry, and quickly found herself out of a job.

This story of scandal lays bare the excesses of the financial industry – the true story of a former female broker.

Publisher: Pocket Books,
288 pages, English
ISBN: 978-1847397706,
price: approx €8.95

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