Cosmetic Tips

for HIM

  1. Women‘s skin care products for men?
    Just borrow your wife’s jar of cream? Dermatologists advise against that. Putting a rich cream on a man’s robust, oily face can be like covering the skin with an impervious film. That not only feels uncomfortable but can also lead to pimples and blemishes.

  2. Are daily showers really harmful?
    Since frequent contact with water causes the skin to loose oil and moisture, only use high-quality shower gel. When in doubt choose the more expensive product because these generally contain lipid balancing substances.

  3. Apply cream every day?
    In comparison, the sebaceous glands of men’s skin are larger and more numerous. That means that, by nature, their skin always produces sufficient amounts of oil and wrinkles generally develop later in life. When they do, however, they are much deeper. Yet men can suffer from dry, sensitive skin, too. In this case skin care products containing urea, hyaluronic acid or soothing panthenol can bring relief.

  4. Do men need antiwrinkle creams?
    Men require more extensive care but at a later point in life. Starting around age 60, their robust skin starts becoming thinner, droops and is more sensitive. It can also feel tight or itchy after washing. Good skin care products are currently available for men of any age. A good chemist’s or perfumery can advise you best.

  5. The most frequent problems of men‘s skin?
    Men most frequently suffer from blemishes and skin irritations after shaving. The right shaving foam or gel in combination with an aftershave lotion can soothe skin quickly, however.


for HER

  1. Smudged mascara
    Mascara rubs off when it touches moist skin. If waterproof, it can smudge when it comes in contact with the skin’s natural oils. Lightly dabbing transparent powder around your eyes before applying mascara can make those black rings under your eyes history. Guaranteed. The powder absorbs oil and moisture so that your skin remains dry and the colour stays on your lashes.

  2. Shadows for droopy eyelids
    A little trick makes eyes with droopy lids large and expressive: Apply dark brown or dark green eye shadow in the fold. Complement that with a light colour on the eyelid and below the eyebrow.

  3. Cold Cream
    "Cold cream" is a blend of beeswax, oil and water. It forms a thick layer over stressed skin which is ideal for protecting sensitive lips against sun and wind. Cold cream also offers wonderful protection in the winter against the dry air of heated rooms and cold, windy weather.

  4. Wash off skin irritants
    If skin feels tight and irritated after washing, this is often caused by an imbalance in the protective layer of the skin. Relief can be found through skin care products that help maintain the skin’s protective layer (with a PH value of 5.5). A washing lotion that contains the active ingredient phytantriol removes irritating bacteria and restores balance to the skin.

  5. Gentle deodorants
    Deodorant has no place on freshlyshaven skin. If speed happens to be of the essence, a gentle, alcohol-free deodorant can help. If underarm skin is constantly stressed, a perfume-free deodorant cream from the chemist’s could offer an ideal solution.

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